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EUROPE | Started in 2011 by European Alternatives, Transnational Dialogues facilitates artists, creatives, professionals, intellectuals and writers from different continents to come together for a series of exchanges and co-productions in both physical form and online.

The platform promotes sharing of information, networking, and conceptual collaboration between individuals and organisations working in a variety of disciplines transnationally, and offers a trampoline for future collaborations and initiatives.

We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis until the places are filled or in any case no later than Friday 22nd November 2013Please read carefully the documents, before submitting your application or requesting additional information.

In 2014, Transnational Dialogues: Change Utopia will bring forward a specific collaboration between Europe, China and Brazil, coordinating young creatives from the three continents to reflect and create together in a year-long process of networked-production, a multi-layered exchange and mix of virtual collaboration, meetings, seminars and research caravans that outline a new transnational model of cross-media and cross-national production.

Around 20 to 25 participants – Brazilian, Chinese or European residents, aged 21 to 35 years old – will be selected across the three regions. The target groups are students or young practitioners from the visual arts, literature and humanities, social sciences, music, architecture, design, information technology and those fields positively characterized by the amount of creative work.

Please note that we can only provide funding for participants traveling to or from Europe. Chinese nationals and residents who wish to take part in the First Caravan to Brazil, or Brazilian nationals and residents who wish to take part in the Second Caravan to China, have to cover the full costs by themselves.

Deadline for applications: 22 November.

Find all details online by clicking here.

Download the PDF application here.

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