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TOKYO |  The Japan Foundation supports exchange projects between Japan and other countries with the aim of fostering the general public’s interest in Japan and to promote the understanding of Japan abroad. The programs are designed to support projects that introduce various aspects of Japanese arts and culture and that contribute to international society through the arts.

Japan Foundation gives funding to an Exhibitions Abroad Support Program, designed to support museums and art institutions overseas that organize exhibitions introducing Japanese art and culture to audiences overseas.

Eligibility: Overseas museums and art institutions. Individuals cannot apply. If the exhibition goes to more than one venue, one host shall handle the general application (no multiple application will be accepted).

Timeframe: The exhibition shall be held between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2015.

Types of projects the program supports: Exhibitions introducing Japanese art and culture in museums and art institutions, or during Biennales/Triennales in foreign countries. Exhibitions can be the outputs of artists in residence programme and are considered as way to network with Japanese and foreign artists, researchers and critics.

The grant can cover among other costs the travels of invited Japanese artists, curators and specialists (the travels for preliminary research and development cannot be covered).

Deadline for applications: 2 December.

Find all details online at http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/program/culture.html

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