New data reveals college students are getting a break on textbook costs for the first time in a decade by Randy Gener Textbook rentals nearly doubled and eBooks sales increased 95%. Cheaper cost and Increased availability drive industry prices down. Open textbooks also a factor.

The best of all are the little known scholarships, because they give applicants a higher chance of winning.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, "Untitled" (Golden), 1995

This report has been distributed to policymakers, school districts, and early education stakeholders as the Texas legislature considers how to fund Pre-K.

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This online DBA program ranking presents 20 of the top 100% online DBA programs.

A Masters in Instructional Technology leads to a fulfilling career designing technology driven environments

New Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children Report underscores need for sustained education funding increases.

20 million zlotys were donated by Dr. Jan Kulczyk’s investment house to the first and at once the only museum in the world entirely devoted to the history of Polish Jews

An undergraduate history degree develops and refines good writing and research skills, as well as critical thinking, coupled with a strong knowledge of how our society and culture has arrived

97% of the admitted cheaters say that they have never been identified as cheating. 76% copied word for word someone else's assignments. 79% of the students surveyed admitted to plagiarizing

Brownies vs Cookies Bake Off Photos by Lyndon Davis

Pursuing a Master's in Social Work will give you a professional edge and enable you to move into deeper specializations in the field, like children and families, trauma and violence