NEW YORK CITY |   It was a wreckin’ — nope, not rockin’ — New Year’s Eve tonight for Mariah Carey. Her singing career is now the final victim of 2016.

Her performance tonight on ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was one of worst live performances ever. It was an utter disaster, and like most street wrecks it was virtually impossible to look away.

Look, if anything, I am just happy the catastrophe revealed which high notes she can’t hit anymore.

Moreover, it was kind of a perfect way to send off 2016 into the garbage heap of history.

It began with Carey performing Auld Lang Syne, the folk song traditionally used to say goodbye to one year and welcome a new one. She then transitioned to perform two of her own songs — Emotions and We Belong Together — and that’s where everything started going downhill very fast.

She was openly annoyed with the dancers on stage with her. She forgot the words to her own lip-synched songs. She gave a few people the stink eye and asked the crowd to sing in place of her. She concluded her performance by saying, “It just don’t get any better,” before turning and walking off the stage in disgust and humiliation.

Worst of all, she still had to spend more time hanging around with Ryan Seacrest on TV.

On the way out, Carey also said, “Fuck all of this.” I feel the same about 2016. Mariah Carey’s disgusted sign off is a perfect fuck-you goodbye to 2016. —rg


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