Performance artist Marisa Prefer's "Breathing Room"


BROOKLYN |  Performance artist Marisa Prefer is cracking open a little Breathing Room at Space, a gallery location at 260 Johnson Avenue at Bushwick Place (347.746.8457 |

The exhibition runs July 20 - 29 and will be open on weekends from 1 - 7 pm and upon request. There will be performances occurring nightly in the space throughout the duration of the show.

Performance artist Marisa Prefer's "Breathing Room"
Performance artist Marisa Prefer’s “Breathing Room”

From the Press Release:

“Signal is pleased to present Breathing Room, a temporary environment by artist Marisa Prefer. Viewers are invited to enter a large-scale inflatable sculpture installed within the gallery. Long bolts of brightly-colored nylon have been sewn together, capturing air released from a cooling vent to give the structure its basic form. Its volume and appearance are constantly in-flux, influenced by visible and invisible forces including air pressure, temperature, sound, light, and the presence of inhabitants.

Breathing Room serves as a space for contemplation and alternative social engagement. Previous incarnations of the work have focused on the environment as a site for collaboration and exchange: a meeting space for research academies, a venue for performances, a site for collective meals and a platform for discussion and dialogue.

Continuing its use as a transient Heterotopia, throughout the exhibition the artist will be accepting proposals for actions, interactions and curated events to take place inside.

Breathing Room is part of an ongoing series of investigations by Prefer into liminal spaces and elemental forces.”


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