Samuel Buggeln, a New York theatre director and designer, is presently in Buenos Aires, where he is researching the Argentine theatre world.

This is part of a series of Samuel’s special reports from Buenos Aires. See more at his blog

Samuel Buggeln
Samuel Buggeln

BUENOS AIRES |  OK, so in the past I’ve posted two items on the brutalist architecture that’s such a feature of this city.  That’s not the only architectural brutalism going on though.  Buenos Aires is famous for its Art Deco, and it’s been interesting to notice how brutal that is as well.

Deco style in Buenos Aires

The Deco style is often thought of as residing to a great extent in the ornamentation, but in my mind it’s also about massing, and BA is full of these extremely austere, unornamented, but extremely deco shapes.

Kavanagh building in Buenos Aires
Kavanagh building in Buenos Aires

The most famous iteration of this is the Kavanaugh building, apparently one of the earliest skyscrapers.

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