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Chris Janish’s Vindication on billboard in New York City near Times Square at Madison Square Garden

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NEW YORK, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Author Chris Janish’s novel Vindication continues to see strong sales even two months after release. Janish is a first-time author whose novel has seen great success in sales numbers since its release in May of 2019. The book has ranked as high as Top-6 in the legal thriller category for new releases. However, with a high-profile billboard recently launched in Times Square near Madison Square Garden, the novel is poised to rank even higher due to an increased audience heading into the peak summer reading season

Janish, the ex-investment banker and hedge fund manager who found himself on the wrong side of the law in 2006, has found a passion in writing. He penned Vindication as a fictional tale based on his experiences within the criminal justice system, but plans to continue his writing career by setting his sights on some non-fiction projects.

He is currently entertaining the idea of hiring a publicity firm and literary agent before embarking on a book about his real-life experiences on Wall Street and his time dealing with New York’s prison system—a journey that included punitive detention on Riker’s Island while he fought his case, and ultimately, a stretch at the Attica Correctional Facility upstate.

For now, however, he continues to enjoy the positive feedback Vindication has received. “I cannot be more pleased with the great reviews and personal messages I’ve received so far. I’m thankful to my great team of sponsors who helped to get the book the recognition it deserves by securing the Vindication billboard to light up New York City. I’m hopeful the additional exposure will get us into the Top 100 on Amazon.”

Besides writing, Janish is the CEO of Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding where he has assisted wrongfully-convicted clients to get back on their feet and integrated back into society as they pursue civil lawsuits.

Janish has successfully completed his own sentencing, parole, and restitution orders, and was granted a “Certificate of Relief of Disabilities” from NY State for his past conviction. He remains an advocate for prison reform throughout the country, having experienced firsthand the damaging effects an unduly harsh sentence can put on families.

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