Romania’s Cultural Institute under siege | Politics won. Leaders of Romanian Cultural Institute resign from their posts

The siege is broken. The culture war in Romania is over. National politics won. The leaders of the cultural institution responsible for putting Romanian arts and culture on the world map are stepping down. Read More


GPS | Romania: Acting workshops of Andrei Şerban Traveling Academy in Mogoşoaia

“Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center in Mogoşoaia hosted the workshops of this traveling academy. The actors worked on Shakespeare and Romanian classic playwright Ion Luca Caragiale (the centenary of whose death is celebrated this year) Read More

Romania’s Cultural Institute under siege | Ponta’s online minions attack character and integrity of ICR leadership

A new communiqué, sent via email from Ponta’s online team and dated June 28, 2012, is accusing ICR of “financial and legal irregularities” as well as “dysfunctional aspects,” without actually offering any tangible evidence. In quick reaction, ICR’s executive board members have drafted a point-by-point response that calls this communiqué full of “disinformation and blatant lies.” At issue: 10 million euros, the annual budget of ICR. Read More

Performance review | Is “Pâquerette” penetrating, or merely a dance with penetrating elements?

Pâquerette is a duet between a man and a woman who re-discover their childlike innocence through the intensities of penetration. Read More

Performance review (NSFW) | Italy’s Ricci/Forte serves up queer fantasia in “Macadamia Nut Brittle”

Macadamia Nut Brittle is excoriating, sexy, hallucinatory, viciously funny. The plot steals from the mode of a reality-TV show, but its stance is subversive and punk. As the noisy evening unfolds, Ricci/Forte detonates, again and again and again, the illusory logic of this TV genre Read More

Play excerpt: Jeton Neziraj’s “Yue Madeleine Yue,” a tragicomedy about anti-Roma discrimination

The play tells the story of a Roma family that was forcedly expelled from Germany to Kosovo. In their new reality, this family confronts the challenges of living in a recently newborn state. One day, a Roma girl named Madeleine falls in a hole that was created by a construction company. The girl falls in a coma. As she fights for her life, her father strives to pursue justice. He faces bureaucratic officers, businessmen, policemen and embassy workers. Read More

Transvestite cabaret blossoms in “Gardenia,” a dance-theater work from Belgium

MONCLAIR, N.J.: Think of it as a Follies for the third gender. Or La Cage aux Folles as re-dressed by Pina Bausch. A dance-theater piece from Belgium, Gardenia conjures the closing night of a transvestite cabaret in Barcelonia where seven middle-aged men (between 55 and 65 years old) recall their double lives as cross-dressing movie stars and as… Read More

Heiner Goebbels wins the 2012 International Ibsen Award

BERLIN: Heiner Goebbels, the maverick composer and theater director, has been named the winner of the 2012 International Ibsen Award, it was announced in Berlin today. One of the world’s most important theater prizes, the International Ibsen Award is being honored “for bringing a new artistic dimension to the world of drama or theater.” The winner… Read More

“Macbeth After Shakespeare” (Slovenia/Croatia) muscles its way into brilliance

A collaboration between Mini Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Novokazalište Zagreb (Croatia), director Ivica Buljan’s Macbeth After Shakespeare forces us to viscerally come face to face with the naked and overbearing fact that the pornography of power is both beautiful and disturbing to look at. It seduces and repels and provokes. Read More