Water purifier plant protects Egypt’s only life-giving aquifer, The River Nile

Egypt’s first integrated zero liquid discharge plant reduces fresh water demand on the River Nile by 70 percent. Read More


CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT | Proposal for a world culture capital of the performing arts

Cecile Guidote-Alvarez says, “Where politics divides, arts can cement a nation and peoples together. Culture and Arts recharges memory. Without memory, we will never learn from the mistakes of the past and we would not know where to draw our strength as a springboard to realize our dream of sustainable development. The launching of Mobilizing Cultural Diversity for the UN Goals was held at the 31st ITI Congress and Theatre Olympics of the Nations in May 2006 in the Philippines. The successful event with 80 countries participating has generated impact on policy. Now, the ITI proposes for UNESCO to lead in selecting annually a world culture capital of the Performing Arts as a vehicle for practices of culture for social cohesion, transformation and harmony.” Read More