Fine white porcelain works by Japanese minimalist ceramicist Taizo Kuroda

“White Porcelain – Cylinders” is the first in a series of three annual exhibitions of Taizo Kuroda’s ceramics. Read More


7 Circus Scandals About The 7 Fingers

The U.S. President tweeted: “Those are not fake food or alternative recipes. The cast really cooks! That slice of bologna I had was biggly.” Read More

Why I paint dirt roads? Bob Dylan himself explains

By Bob Dylan In 1974 I played the first of many shows with the Band—maybe in eight years. We were in a hockey arena in Chicago. There were maybe 18,000 people there. The Band and I hadn’t played publicly together since 1966 where our shows caused a lot of disruption and turmoil—a lot of anger.… Read More

ALFONSO OSSORIO | Chelsea’s blue-chip gallery trumpets this Philippine-born Abstract Expressionist

In celebration of a centennial birthday, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery throws open its blue-chip doors to “Alfonso Ossorio—Congregations: The First Decade, 1959-1969,” an exhibition of twenty-four of the mixed-media assemblages that have become emblematic of Ossorio’s vision and capacity for innovation. Read More

IN EXHIBITION | Last chance to see the secret history of postwar painter Alfonso Ossorio at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Alfonso Ossorio is a central figure of postwar American art, but he has been virtually absent from standard art history texts. Some people have claimed that Ossorio was just imitating Jackson Pollock. This exhibition shows that Ossorio had his own unique “wax-resist” painting technique that really no one else had used. He forged his own wild assemblages that he called “congregations.” It’s time to re-draft the history of postwar American art. Read More