DEMOCRACY NOW | I Was Looking at This Convention and Then I Saw the Sky

By Randy Gener PHILADELPHIA |  The 2016 presidential election is not about Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative policies, but about the “American experiment of self-government”– democracy itself, US President Barack Obama told the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. “It’s not just a choice between parties or policies; the usual debates between left and… Read More

HUMAN RIGHTS | Syria, Sudan, Congo, Pakistan lead 10 countries with worst human rights violations

Based on 31 different types of human rights violations, 34 nations pose an “extreme risk” of human rights violations to their populations — a 70 percent increase over the past six years. Read More

VIDEO | Thinking about the “State of Out Youth”

Video recording of “State of Out Youth: A Town Hall, a panel discussion with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and ally youth from across the country about the most pressing issues facing them today. PLUS.. A personal comment: Who gives a damn about the rest of us who are not considered the youth anymore but have been abandoned and left behind? Read More

INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM SEMINAR | LGBT issues and human rights coverage explored at Boston’s LGBT Media Summit

My aim is to emphasize opportunities and strategies for the LGBT Media here in the U.S. to cover international issues and human-rights concerns that affect LGBT communities around the world. LGBT journalists have had few opportunities to work as foreign correspondents. That’s especially the case in today’s media environment, with sharp cutbacks by many news outlets in their international coverage. Read More

BRAVE OR SUICIDAL? | What happened when a Russian gay rights activist staged a lone protest on an annual military holiday

Often it is worth questioning the democracy of social media by just re-viewing a second time and digging a little bit deeper. The video below which documents Kalugin’s confrontation with Russian airborne troops has gone viral. What’s also spread like wildfire is the outraged and sometimes ill-informed commentary on it. It is easy to lash out at Russian government officials. If you look closer at this story though, the surface is not what it seems. Here, the Russian special forces turned out to be the good guys. Read More

PRO VS. CON #DUMPSTOLI | How does the boycott of a Latvian vodka change Putin’s anti-gay laws and save lives of Russian LGBT youth?

The #dumpstoli campaign has been a global public-relations success. But have the protests for public awareness of repressive anti-gay laws in Russia been misdirected and unfairly targeted a long-time ally of the LGBT community? Will the Dump Vodka protests actually change the minds of the Russian parliament? Here is my on-the-ground investigation of yesterday’s protest in front of the Russian Consulate in New York. Read More

GPS | NEW YORK: Rainbow colors flood Empire State Building on Gay Pride

It’s been an amazing week for gay rights. The U.S. Supreme Court dumped the federal Defense of Marriage Act and declined to reinstate a ban on same-sex marriage in California. On Sunday June 30, 2013, the Empire State Building has turned the colors of the rainbow in a show of support for Gay Pride Weekend.… Read More