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NEW YORK CITY |  Fanfare Ciocarlia, the brass orchestra from the village of Zece Prajini in North-Eastern Romania, is considered one of the world’s foremost live Gypsy bands. After having toured North America in 2001 and 2003 as part of the hugely successful “Gypsy Caravan Tour,” the ensemble finally returns to North America for an eight-city tour in the US and Canada.  The tour will take place in September 2012 and will include New York, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto.


Fanfare Ciocărlia | Arne Reinhardt
Fanfare Ciocărlia | Arne Reinhardt

Everyone who has heard Fanfare Ciocarlia agrees on one thing: No brass band plays as fast. Their breakneck speed, technical chops, ripping rhythms and sweet’n sour horns are different from any other brass band on earth.

Their sound has been sampled and covered, championed and emulated by countless DJs, bands and Gypsy orchestras. Their radical reinterpretations of popular Western standards like the “James Bond Theme” and Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” show how this Romanian orchestra can effortlessly put a Gypsy spin on any music they get their horns on.

Fanfare Ciocărlia | Arne Reinhardt
Fanfare Ciocărlia | Arne Reinhardt

Zece Prajini’s isolation — situated in a misty valley, the valley’s dirt roads are occupied by flocks of geese and horse and carts; here live eighty Gypsy farming families who live a traditional rural lifestyle dictated by nature’s seasons — meant that under communism the village remained hidden from the outside world. Somehow the ancient Ottoman tradition of brass bands accompanying armies, weddings and funerals continued to exist here when it had long died out in the rest of Romania. And when Henry Ernst, a young German music fan, wandered into the village in 1996 he found a living tradition that he knew the world would embrace.

So they did: Fanfare Ciocarlia — whose name translates as “lark’s song” — conquered Europe in 1997, their furious live blast appealing to punks and headbangers, jazz and funk fans, world music aficionados and those who simply love music that sounds absolutely unique. Even the classical world embraced Fanfare Ciocarlia and they have since performed at many prestigious philharmonic halls. The Romanian’s breakneck speed, technical chops, ripping rhythms and sweet and sour horns is quite different from any other brass band on earth.

Fanfare Ciocarlia has won the prestigious BBC-3 Planet Award in the European category. Their rendition of “Born To Be Wild” was featured in the 2006 hit movie “Borat” and their song was even used in IKEA UK’s latest TV ad campaign. Additionally, Fanfare Ciocarlia have twice developed brilliant musical theatre: The Gypsy Queens & Kings and the Balkan Brass Battle (which saw them battle it out on stage with Boban Markovic Orkestar). Fanfare Ciocarlia have released eight albums, several of which have topped the European World Music charts, and they have played over 1,200 concerts in fifteen years. To put it simply: nobody does it better, harder, faster, funkier than Fanfare Ciocarlia!

Fanfare Ciocărlia
Fanfare Ciocărlia


Sept 19 @ Le Circle, Quebec City

Sept 20 @ Rialto Theatre during PopMontreal, Montreal

Sept 21 @ The Hoxton during Small World Music Festival, Toronto

Sept 22 @ Schimmel Center for the Arts, NYC (NY Gypsy Festival and PACE Presents)

Sept 23 @ Duke University, NC

Sept 24 @ Brillo Box, Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 25 @ City Winery, Chicago

Sept 26 @ Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis

Tour produced by NY Gypsy Festival. Generous support for this tour provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York

Fanfare Ciocărlia
Fanfare Ciocărlia (Photo credit: decafinata)


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