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DENVER,July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/  Joshua Edelstein, founder of The Strategic Perspective, launches new book on Amazon: Don’t Chase Happiness! 36 Rules to a Fulfilling Life, in the Modern World.

Americans have been lied to for generations. They have been told they need to find what makes them happy and pursue it. If they are unhappy, turn their focus in on themselves, until they locate the reason. Unfortunately, chasing happiness is like looking for the end of a rainbow, the pot of gold. It’s selfish and it’s always moving.

They should have been told to focus on what makes them fulfilled. Fulfillment is the foundation on which they should build their lives. To find fulfillment, they must look to “we” over “me.” Does it still feel better to give than receive? Does this sound like common sense?

What is common sense? Merriam-Webster defines it as: “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”

“Common sense isn’t very common anymore” is a phrase often used.

The modern world faces modern challenges. There is a valid reason the above phrase resonates with so many people. One word in the definition of common sense has lowered most people’s levels of fulfillment, happiness and divided the nation: “Perception.” Perception is subjective and based on multiple factors.

The author has created a list of rules to make everyone’s lives better, more fulfilled, no matter what their background, race, sexual identity, politics, or religion. They were crafted to be all-inclusive. A middle ground of realistic values for Generation X’ers, Millennials and Generation-Z. More people need fulfilling lives. Learning and living by the rules to fulfillment is the only lasting solution to feeling stable and generally good about life and society.

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Joshua Edelstein has a background in business and emergency services. He is also the Founder of The Strategic Perspective. He has proven his understanding of human behavior and utilizes effective communication strategies every day.


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