NEW YORK CITY |  Some provocative theater and literature is tackling the issue of troubled Latino youth.

The new play Se Llama Cristina (or Her Name is Cristina), written by Octavio Solis, is about a young man and woman, both Mexican-American, who wake up in a strange room and piece together their identities.

The play makes an Off-Broadway premiere beginning April 3rd and continuing through May 3rd only.  Opening Night is set for Monday, April 13th. 

Lou Moreno will direct a cast that includes David Anzuelo, Yadira Guevara-Prip, Gerardo Rodriguez, and Carmen Zilles.   Se Llama Cristina will have scenic design by Raul Abrego, lighting design by Christina Watanabe, costume design by Meaghan Healey , and sound design by Francesc Sitges-Sardá.

Solis said he was inspired to write Se Llama Cristina when his daughter was born, around 20 years ago. The play is about two young Latinos abused by their parents who struggle with their lives and the possibility of becoming parents themselves. “I had some issues with my father growing up, and I was very afraid that I might end up passing that along to my daughter,” he said.

Paula Christensen and Justin Huen awaken in a squalid apartment in Octavio Solis’s “Se Llama”

Solis said his characters, played in the current production at Intar by Gerardo Rodriguez (man), Carmen Zilles (woman), Yadira Guevara-Prip (kid), and directed by Lou Moreno, are conflicted about their Mexican identity, the same way he was when growing up in Texas.

Enter this incredible, multi-layered fever dream in which a young man and woman wake up in a strange room, and must piece together their past identities and relationship while they construct a new future and grapple with the possibility of being parents.

This play, which runs 90 minutes, will be performed in English, without an intermission. 

 “I am proud that INTAR will present Octavio’s beautiful play and remind the NY theatre community of the unique voice of this nationally renowned playwright,” said INTAR Artistic Director Lou Moreno.   

Octavio Solís, the author of over twenty plays, is considered by many to be one of the most prominent Latino playwrights in America. With works that both draw on and transcend the Mexican-American experience, he is a writer and director whose style defies formula, examining the darkness, magic and humor of humanity with brutal honesty and characteristic intensity.

“They are people who are beaten down, who are living on the edge,” said Solis. “These people feel like they are in an endless cycle and they are never going to get out of the class they are in and perhaps having a child dooms them to that.”

But Solis said he also presents the idea of hope — a child can help a parent break that cycle and transcend it all. — randy gener

Performances will take place at INTAR’s theater space (500 West 52nd Street, at Tenth Avenue, on the 4th Floor). 

Tickets for all performance will be $30 (except Opening Night ) and may be purchased at or by calling 212/352-3101. A limited number of tickets for Opening Night will be available to the public for $50 by calling INTAR at 212/695-6134. 

For more information, visit INTAR on the web at  

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