Opus High Technology has already established an all solar-powered LED cap. Now, they are expanding and launching a new feature for the hat design — a pedometer.

HSINCHU, Taiwan, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire |   Whether you spend your time outdoors for hunting and fishing, running or hiking, or even just everyday wear, you never know when you’ll need a small, but bright light.

Since the company’s hat never needs batteries, the structure is just like any other lightweight, fitted hat. The difference is, the hat design actually includes a white light on the front of the cap’s bill, paired with a red bar of LED lights on the back. These lights can be set to a blinking or constant light.

The illumi-cap beam is adjustable, giving you three different angles for all your late night needs: working in your shop, walking a trail or busy road at night, or working in the garden after sun down. It can be used in constant mode or flash mode. The beam is bright and wide.

With a Kickstarter campaign, Opus High Technology is bringing even more power to the battery-free, solar-powered LED hats. You can see on the Kickstarter campaign, they are aiming to add a pedometer to the hat, that would sync with a custom app.

Being able to track your steps or distance during your activities allows for an even more intuitive lifestyle. Along with a pedometer, there’ll be more color options. These new features allow you to customize your everyday life, enhancing the things you love to do.

Life can take you anywhere. Having the right equipment, such as a hat with bright and powerful lights, will make all the difference. When you participate in the Kickstarter, you get a chance to have a voice in the process for color, style, and other suggestions.

The illumi-cap has a back LED light built right into the velcro strap. It can be used in constant mode or flash mode. It gives people comfort in knowing that they are lit from behind to either guide a lost friend that’s following from the back on a dark trail or warn drivers you are jogging, walking or bicycling.

Maybe you love the outdoors, or maybe you just love to keep up on the latest technology. Either way, Opus High Technology is proving a great piece of apparel that is helpful when you need it most.

In 2013, Opus High Technology donated 500 illumni-caps to the Taiwan Rescue Team. The team used the hats for rescue missions in Leyte Province, Philippines after the Typhoon Haiyan tragedy. There was no water, electricity, food – anything. The Rescue Team was working day and night, unsure of what territory they’d continue to search. Thanks to the solar-powered caps’ bright lights, the Rescue Team was able to rescue people with their bare hands.

Invest in and help design the latest in technology and everyday gear, today. The hat, along with more information, is available now on Kickstarter – http://kck.st/2lPaULh


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