Ranks the Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near Los Angeles

GREENVILLE, S.C., March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/  There is no doubt that Southern California is one of the most beautiful places in our country. From busy cities to mountains to deserts to beaches, there is plenty to do, see, and explore.

If earning a degree is what you have in mind, the Los Angeles area of Southern California has got plenty of terrific choices for college students. While many of the ranked colleges are closer to Los Angeles, the school that is the farthest away is 400 miles, but easily within a day’s drive.

Vanessa Browne, a Research Editor for, examined a number of schools in Southern California within a day’s drive of the city of Los Angeles in order to find the “Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near Los Angeles” ( Prior to the ranking you will find full disclosure of methodology used to determine each school’s rank.

Los Angeles, California is well known for its movie studios, the Hollywood sign and Hollywood Walk of Fame, and high price tags in the boutiques of Rodeo Drive.

What isn’t well known is just how many colleges and universities are located in Los Angeles and neighboring areas of Southern California. As the popularity of online college is growing, so are the number of schools offering online courses and degree programs.

We’ve checked out what the area has to offer, and these are the 20 best online colleges within a day’s drive of beautiful Los Angeles, California.

The complete ranking order of schools is as follows:

20. California Baptist University - Riverside, California

19. Fresno Pacific University - Fresno, California

18. California Lutheran University - Thousand Oaks, California

17. Whittier College - Whittier, California

16. Azusa Pacific University - Azusa, California

15. Point Loma Nazarene University - San Diego, California

14. Biola University - La Mirada, California


13. University of San Francisco - San Francisco, California

12. University of California, Riverside - Riverside, California

11. University of San Diego - San Diego, California

10. University of California, Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, California

9. University of California, Davis - Davis, California

8. Pepperdine University - Malibu, California

7. University of Southern California - Los Angeles, California

6. Stanford University - Stanford, California

5. University of California, San Diego - La Jolla, California

4. University of California, Irvine - Irvine, California

3. University of California, Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, California

2. University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, California

1. University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California

University of California Riverside

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