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Merengue! (6/19/2017) - Receiving the international designation as an intangible cultural heritage is truly an achievement for Dominican culture.
Eryc Taylor Dance | Photo credit: Maria Panina Eryc Taylor + Paul Taylor + Bebe Neuwirth = “Dancers for Good” evening (June 3) (5/17/2017) - The Dancers for Good 2017 fundraiser will be hosted by actress, singer and dancer Bebe Neuwirth and will benefit The Actors Fund, The Dancers' Resource/Career Transition For Dancers and the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation.
Coreografo elettronico Italian Cultural Institute hosts a free dance spectacle for Italian Dance Connection (May 31) (5/16/2017) - A platform for Italian artists visiting and living in New York, and for New York artists who want to take part in a dialogue with Italian culture through movement, choreography and the visual arts.


African dancers Faustin Linyekula and Papy Ebotani in performance
African dancers Faustin Linyekula and Papy Ebotani in performance


American Theater’s major designer Susan Tsu grabs lifetime achievement award (5/22/2016) - Who was Irene Sharaff, the legend whose name graces this prestigious award? She was a Broadway costume designer. Elegance and an attention to detail were the trademarks of Sharaff. She was justly revered as a designer of enormous depth and intelligence.
GET TO KNOW | Brit musician Scanner scans landscapes and video design (9/21/2015) - An electronic musicians give examples of how the Internet has changed the way sounds are produced.
VIDEO | Monsieur Space on building theatre today (1/5/2014) - JEAN-GUY LECAT ON BUILDING THEATRE TODAY: "The difference between a true space and one that is not lies in the criteria that favours or disfavours life. That which favours this concentration is thus legitimate while that which shies away from it is not.