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Randy Gener by Rivka Katvan


What I do I need to cover or address in this media project so I can continue to engage your mind and heart?

Randy Gener + In the Culture of One World
Randy Gener + In the Culture of One World

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Here are testimonies of some very nice people about my work and this media project.

“A first-rate writer and editor. Randy Gener understands culture in the widest sense: as news, as art, as politics, as media.”

— Margo Jefferson, Pulitzer Prize–winning writer/critic for the New York Times.

“Mr. Randy Gener’s ‘In the Culture of One World,’ a showcase of his own individual work, is taking up the slack that print journalism is leaving behind. You won’t find this in your local papers.”

— First-rate Critic George Hunka of Superfluities Redux


“Randy Gener is the visionary.”

— Instinct Magazine’s Leading Men of the Year special edition


“Randy is an internationalist, a champion of cultural exchange and dialogue.”

— The New York Daily News


“Randy Gener’s command of U.S. and international subjects is unequalled among his contemporaries.”

— American Theatre magazine/Theatre Communications Group


Obligatory Bio

A New York–based editor and writer, I contribute to National Public Radio, Miami Herald and The Global Post.  My 12 years as senior editor of American Theatre magazine was recognized with the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Deadline Club Award for Best NYC Reporting.